Design websites

Design websites!

Building websites is actually quite easy. There are heaps of free tools and resources to help you work it out. WordPress is an example of a free content management service that can help you to build professional-looking websites in a short amount of time.

Of course complex websites require more experience. However, the typical requirements of many local small businesses are simple and straightforward to implement. A quick google search would show you many of the small businesses in your neighbourhood. Checkout their websites and see if any look terrible or out of date. You could then approach these businesses and let them know that you are a local and you noticed they could use a hand with their website. You could even come prepared with a fresh-looking website to show them.

As you’re going, why not check in with the businesses who didn’t even show up in your google search. They may be even more appreciative to know a local can help them out with something they’ve been meaning to do for years.

When you’re ready for a new challenge, you could always sell your client-base to another web design business.

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