Create a network and sell it

Create a network and sell it. Pick any (or all) of the following jobs. Establish rapport through quality of service with a smile. Keep track of all costs and profits. When you’re ready for a new challenge, advertise your list to find someone willing to pick up from where you left off. Being able to Demonstrate reliable profits to prospective owners will allow you to get a good price for your efforts. Your buyer will be someone looking for less risk than starting out on their own. Small businesses often sell for one times earnings (i.e. one year’s profits). If you make $20,000 a year mowing lawns in your spare time, you could potentially sell the network to someone else for another $20,000: effectively doubling your hourly rate.

Here are some simple businesses you could setup:

  • Lawn mowing/Garden maintenance
  • Dog walking/washing/sitting
  • Car washing
  • Babysitting
  • Pool cleaning

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